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UGURU costs less than 10%* of what you would pay for a programme with an external coach, and it has just as much impact.

This makes UGURU accessible for everyone.

For organisations, it means that with the current budget, you can enable ten times more people to grow. Not just the happy few.

By choosing one of our packages — Core, Plus, or Care — you determine the level of support that best fits your organisation. Core is the most chosen by professionals, individual teams, and small organisations, Plus by medium to large organisations, and Care by large organisations looking for full support.

*To calculate the cost of alternatives, we created a “basket” of comparable personal development programmes. We looked at personal leadership and development programmes at multiple suppliers (national and international). On average, a personal leadership programme with a similar number of contact hours costs more than €8000.

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Programme: Journeys and set-up

5-month Journey

Throughout the programme, you’ll have access to all the content on the platform. Everything you need for your journey is right there: articles, u-scans, audio and video tutorials, assignments, and session agenda’s.

Digital Starter Kit + Schedule

Before the journey starts, we’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need: a clear explanation of how UGURU works and tips for a smooth start. In addition, we’ll provide you with a detailed scheduling plan for all the sessions.

Support: Helping you maximise impact

Intake and Outtake

In the intake, we determine together how we can maximise the alignment between UGURU and the needs of your organisation. We establish the number of homegroups, the ideal composition and set up the platform to your specific needs.


During the outtake, we’ll evaluate together to enhance the development of any subsequent cohort, to further their personal and professional development, aligning with the challenges of your organisation. If applicable, we also leverage UGURU Analytics for this purpose.

Technical support

The UGURU helpdesk is available for you and participants in case of technical questions about the platform.

Digital planning tool

With our convenient digital planning tool, you can effortlessly sync all session dates with your calendar. This ensures everyone stays in the flow.

Kick-off (plenary)

At the start of UGURU, we’ll kick off the journey together, offline or online. We host a one-hour live and interactive session where participants dive into action, and kick-off the journey.

Close-out (plenary)

A live plenary close-out of one hour. All homegroups gather one last time — either offline or online. We look back, discuss collective insights, share success stories, lessons learned and look forward.

Integration with your own LMS

We support the integration of the UGURU platform with your organisation’s Learning Management System. UGURU communicates through the most common standards: LTI, SCORM, or a connection via Single Sign-On (SSO).

Homegroup Guide

A guide is a member of the UGURU team who is available for the homegroups throughout the entire journey. The guide actively follows the homegroups and is always available to answer questions and provide tips.

Data: UGURU Analytics

Self-Insight through Scans

By filling out u-scans, participants enable us to provide relevant, anonymised insights. This will provide answers on questions such as: how do participants experience our organisation? What learning goals are most frequently mentioned? Which behavioural patterns occur in our organisation?

User Progress

Throughout all five chapters, we’ll keep an eye on whether all homegroups are still on track. Where do we see groups stagnating? What do they need? After each chapter, you’ll receive an update.

Impact Monitor

Halfway through and at the end of the programme, we’ll check in: What is the impact of UGURU on your participants? How are they progressing towards their goals? How do participants perceive their homegroup experience?

Extra: UGURU free gift

UGURU Notebook

Sometimes, writing is just the best way to organise your thoughts or even develop yourself further. And of course, it’s best done in an original and beautiful UGURU notebook.

Regardless of the package you choose, all participants will receive a voucher code to order a notebook.


Choose a free gift of your choice from the UGURU shop. Perhaps you’re into content and enjoy reading; in that case, Nanja’s book, “Egotrip”, would be a great choice. A cosy hoodie or a handy tote bag could also make for a nice keepsake from your UGURU journey.

If you opt for Plus or Care, all participants will receive a voucher code to order a gift of their choice.

10% discount on a Changery coach (in-person or digital guidance)

If a participant gets stuck in the learning process, or if a homegroup needs additional support, UGURU offers a 10% discount on the hourly rate of a coach from our sister company, the Changery.

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