Dare to grow.
Welcome to UGURU.

You are your own guru. You are born with all the wisdom you need to grow. All you need is a rock-solid programme and five other gurus to go on an adventure with you.

UGURU is the peer learning platform for personal, team, and organisational development.

Take the adventurous journey inwards.

  • 10 %
    What UGURU costs compared to alternatives.
  • 94 %
    Percentage of participants who would recommend UGURU to others.
  • 2.350
    How many people have joined our programmes so far.
  • 9.987
    How many Courageous Conversations UGURU has sparked (conversations that might otherwise have stayed under the rug).

Experience shared self-discovery.

Embark on the most impactful journey you’ll ever take, together with five peers. Not just one coach who can supposedly see right through you — but five. That's the power of “peer learning”: you do it yourself, but not alone. It's backed by science, and UGURU lives up to it.

Whether it's about personal development or improving collaborations within teams or organisations.

Get ready for super interesting content, eye-opening scans, profound sessions, and assignments you will never forget. All in plain talk — no fancy words, no vagueness. And yes, laughter is allowed too.

More about our method

Online. Offline.

Wherever you want.

Our programmes are designed so you can attend sessions both in-person and remote. Whether you live a few streets away or in another country, you can participate wherever you want.

“UGURU has proven to be invaluable for developing personal leadership skills and connecting across eleven European brands in seven countries”

Tracy Stone | SVP Global Head of People and Organisation Development | Ahold Delhaize

Take UGURU everywhere you go.

Looking for a keepsake of your homegroup and your journey? With a Homegroup Hoodie, Tote Bag, or Notebook from UGURU, you can always carry them with you.

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