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Connection, ownership, and growth. All the way through the organisation.


Connect: a journey for organisational development.

More mutual understanding. Better results.

Teams, departments, and organisations. Put a few people together, and all sorts of things happen! The average soap opera can't even compete. Underlying tension, walls of misunderstanding, judgements back and forth, gossip at the coffee machine.

Most of the time we look hopefully towards the leaders when dealing with this kind of drama: they should solve it. But that's not really how it works, is it? If we want better collaboration and more connection throughout the organisation, everyone needs to take the wheel.

UGURU Connect brings people together by teaching them how to have meaningful conversations. About goals, results, and dependencies. About understanding, safety, and even about the issues. Of course, this dialogue isn't fixed in just one session. That's why the programme lasts 5 months and you’ll spend around 2 hours per week. Small steps, but huge impact.

Could your team or organisation use a step forward? Do you want to create more mutual understanding and awareness? Do you want more team, less solo? Then Connect is the journey for you.

In 5 chapters towards more connection.

  • 01

    Define the goal together.

  • 02

    Share stories from your own history.

  • 03

    Experience the role of the ego.

  • 04

    Explore your behavioural patterns.

  • 05

    Harvest insights and look beyond.

Online. Offline.

Wherever you want.

Our programmes are designed so you can attend sessions both in-person and remote. Whether you live a few streets away or in another country, you can participate wherever you want.

“Through a shared language and challenging assignments, we learned to understand behavioural and cultural differences.”

Frits Snel | Country manager Benelux | Tony’s Chocolonely
  • 2350 +
  • 94 %
    have gained a better understanding of themselves
  • 100 %
    have gained more empathy for others
  • 94 %
    would recommend UGURU to a friend or colleague


  • Our organisation could use this! What do I need to do?

    If you're excited about this for your organisation, leave your details here and tell us a bit about your preferences. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • U... what?

    It's pronounced “you-guru”. Because we believe you are your own guru. You are born with all the wisdom you need to grow. You just need to know where to look. UGURU hands you the reins.
  • Who is UGURU for?

    UGURU is suitable for anyone motivated to learn more about themselves and willing to look in the mirror. With our clear language and straightforward exercises, UGURU is for everyone, regardless of age, role, or background.
  • Don’t you believe in coaches?

    On the contrary! Coaches are necessary when you're stuck, but you’re not always stuck, are you? If you want to develop yourself or your organisation, you essentially need two things: the right questions, and each other. That's what UGURU offers.
  • How does UGURU make a large-scale impact?

    Peer learning eliminates the need for a coach, drastically reducing costs. This makes UGURU accessible for anyone who’s eager to learn. Personal development is not just for the happy few. UGURU is there for everyone.
  • How long does a journey take?

    A Journey lasts five months and you’ll spend around two hours per week. Development is a process, not just a moment. By continuously spending time on your development, insights have time to stick.
  • How does UGURU keep you on track?

    During each Journey, you’ll get some occasional “learning nudges”: messages to remind you of what’s coming up or give you a nudge in the right direction. This way, you stay engaged and active throughout the entire Journey.
  • What is a good homegroup?

    A homegroup consists of six like-minded individuals. And, by that, we mean people who can and dare to ask each other the right questions. A wonderful mix of personality and background, because diversity works. The programme components are precisely tailored to six people. Six is the magic number at UGURU.
  • How do I put together a homegroup?

    UGURU is available for everyone. So, whether you're an organisation or want to start a homegroup with five others on your own, UGURU makes it happen. For more information on what UGURU can offer your organisation, click here. If you have five people in mind to start a homegroup with, click here.
  • Can I sign up to do the Journey all by myself?

    At the moment, it is only possible to enroll as an organisation or with a homegroup. At UGURU, we are continually working to improve our programmes, so if you’d like to stay informed please leave your details here.

Carry UGURU with you wherever you go.

Looking for a keepsake of your homegroup and your journey? With a Homegroup Hoodie, Tote Bag, or Notebook from UGURU, you can always carry them with you.




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