Our mission

What gets us fired up?

Everyone becoming the best version of themselves.

Champion League journeys. Accessible to all.

Our mission is to make top-tier development programmes accessible to everyone.

Our peer-to-peer programmes have just as much impact as coach-led programmes, with the difference that our programmes cost less than 10% on average.

This makes personal, team, and organisational development accessible to everyone. Not just the happy few.

What do we believe in?

At UGURU, we have a few deeply rooted beliefs. They're in our minds, in our genes, and in every square millimetre of our journeys. From the articles to the agenda, from the walks to the talks, and from peer-learning to peer-power.

  • Empowerment

    People are capable of much more than they think. Every bit of wisdom is already hidden somewhere. You just need to know where to look.
  • Yes, you can!

    You don't really need a coach. In most cases, you already have everything you need for personal growth. What you do need are a few honest mirrors. Because together, you see more in yourself. And that's what your homegroup is for. Doing it yourself increases your sense of autonomy, self-confidence, and ownership, making every change more sustainable.
  • Everyone speaks the same language

    Whether you're a fresh-faced 25-year-old or a well-seasoned 50-something, there's always something you can learn about yourself. When everyone speaks the same language, mutual understanding grows, and collaboration improves.
  • No boxes

    Most tests are just nonsense. They lack validity and reliability, yet people sometimes derive their entire identity from them. UGURU uses scans only as input for reflection. We don't put people in boxes; we give them food for thought.
  • Take it with a grain of salt

    Personal development can be tough at times, which is why you need humour and lightness to make it more bearable and to discover that the journey inward is actually quite fun. Just take yourself with a grain of salt.

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Explore the philosophy of UGURU

The UGURU method is based on years of practical experience and scientific research. Experience that has been captured and documented by our team. In our shop, you will find Egotrip; the book authored by our very own Nanja. Insightful, readable, and entertaining for those who wish to take a deep dive into the ideas and world behind UGURU.

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