UGURU's digital hub.

  • Where everything comes together.

    Our platform has all the information you need – inspiring videos, preparatory assignments, interesting articles, eye-opening scans, and, of course, a clear agenda for each session.

    Accessible via any browser, whether desktop or mobile.

    As a participant, you'll be on the edge of your seat from the very first to the very last exercise on our platform. We guide you step by step through the programme, keeping you actively engaged at every turn.

  • Eye-opening scans.

    In addition to impactful journeys, UGURU offers enlightening insights through our u-scans, filled out by both you and key individuals in your life or work. This process provides a broader perspective on your learning goals, personality, and behaviour.

    The content of the u-scans is based on scientific knowledge and years of practical experience. We collaborate with the University of Groningen to continually validate and optimise our scans.

    Our u-scans don't box you in; instead, they offer plenty of food for thought.

  • Insights that truly benefit your organisation.

    If your organisation has more than thirty participants, UGURU also provides valuable insights at the organisational level. This helps to uncover learning needs, discover people's experiences within the organisation, identify behavioural patterns, and understand what improvements they would like to see.

    Armed with this information, your organisation can implement targeted improvements that benefit everyone.*

    *UGURU Analytics is included in the Plus and Care packages.

  • Everyone on track.

    Curious about the progress of your organisation’s participants? We’ll keep you updated with anonymised user data.

    Is everyone on track? What's the impact of UGURU on the participants? How are different aspects of UGURU being valued? And, how do you measure up against other organisations in our benchmark?

    *UGURU Analytics is a feature of the Plus and Care packages.

  • Impact monitor

    We check-in halfway through and at the end of the programme: What's the impact of your participants' learning journey? How are they progressing toward their goals? How do participants experience their homegroup?

    *UGURU Analytics is a feature of the Plus and Care packages.

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