Grounded in science.
Designed for practice.

You do it yourself, but not alone.

Impactful, accessible, and scientifically proven.

The UGURU method consists of a unique blend of 3 elements.

Peer learning: You do it yourself, but not alone.
In a small group of like-minded individuals, you feel safer, dare to speak openly, and are more willing to take risks. Peer learning is the best antidote to learned helplessness.

Action learning: Not "talking about", but simply doing.
In our programmes, you’ll immediately put into practice what you've learned. You’ll gather feedback and engage in Courageous Conversations with your key stakeholders. It's insight, and a kick in the butt.

Blended learning: A mix of different learning formats.
Everyone learns differently. At UGURU, participants decide where sessions take place (remote or in person), and content is presented in various ways (via text, audio, or short scans).

Our method in four steps.

The five chapters of UGURU are based on the phases of “Theory U”, a scientifically grounded model for sustainable change in individuals, teams, and organisations.

Each chapter breaks down into four steps. Every step kicks off with a video, breaking down exactly what's intended.

  • 1. Intro & Prep

    “The articles are super interesting and fit seamlessly with the theme and assignments of the chapters.”

    In the first step, you prepare yourself for the chapter. You watch a video and read an article on the theme of the chapter. You also complete a u-scan and ask two others to fill out the scan for you.
  • 2. Homegroup Session

    “To our own surprise, the sessions ran like clockwork. It went completely naturally.”

    The second step is a 2.5-hour session with your homegroup. Of course, it can be longer if that’s what you all want. The sessions can take place wherever you prefer: at the office, an external location, or online.
  • 3. Courageous Conversation

    “Through the Courageous Conversations, I have had conversations like I would never have had in a million years.”

    In the third step, you’ll dive into a Courageous Conversation about the chapter's theme with someone important. You know, one of those conversations you know you should have, but keep putting off. We’ll help you in deciding who to talk to, what to talk about, and how to approach this conversation.
  • 4. Walk & Talk

    “The Walk & Talk was always the best part of each chapter.”

    The fourth and final step in each chapter is a Walk & Talk, each time with a different person from your homegroup. It’s the time to let everything soak in a bit. Together, you reflect on the chapter, share the most important insights, and team up on a special assignment.

"Learning by experiencing and taking the coaching wheel yourself is truly a winning formula."

Pascal van Ham | Partner & Strategy Director | Gardeners

Explore the philosophy of UGURU.

Want to learn, know, and discover more about the world of UGURU? Read the book “Egotrip”, written by our very own Nanja Kolk, PhD.

In Egotrip, Nanja takes you on a journey through the human psyche.

Through the unfathomable landscape of your brain, the dense mist of your subconscious, along the swirling stream of your thoughts and feelings, to the ancient roots of your past, and back to your relationships in the here and now.

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