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Rule number 6

Personal development is tough shit sometimes, that’s why you need tons of humour and lightness to make it more bearable, and that the journey inside is actually quite fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Most tests are rubbish. They lack validity and reliance and people rely on them too much. Use these tools only as input for reflection. Give people food for thought, don’t put them in boxes

People need less guidance than they believe they do. It’s learned helplessness that makes us crave for guidance outside ourselves. We believe in empowering people to find their own way instead of relying on others to do the heavy lifting. Seek out like minded peers to be your honest mirrors and fellow truth seekers.

Online sessions can feel a bit impersonal, but they have a huge and unexpected advantage: emancipating introverts. With roughly half the world’s population identifying as introverted, alternating between virtual and physical meetings can better cater to everyone’s needs. 

People are capable of far more than they think. Every bit of wisdom is already tucked away somewhere. You just have to know where to look.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced 25-year-old or a seasoned 50-year-old, there’s always more to learn about yourself. If people from all parts of the organisation – wherever you are – would learn to speak the same language, mutual understanding and cooperation would immensely improve. 

UGURU is suitable for anyone who is motivated to learn. Its clear language and straightforward tasks provide everyone with the opportunity to develop themselves, regardless of their age, position within the organisation, or background. Whether it’s about personal development, improving collaboration within or between teams, or strengthening soft skills, UGURU can help.

It’s pronounced as “youguru”. Because we believe that you are the guru. You were born with every bit of wisdom tucked inside of you. You just need to know where to look. UGURU puts you in control, enabling you to take charge of your own growth and development.

No, not at all! We think coaches are very useful, but you don’t always need an expensive, external coach. Coaches are necessary when you get stuck, but you don’t always get stuck, do you? In most cases, you yourself have all it takes to grow. What we don’t believe in is self-help, because learning requires […]