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UGURU offers two types of pathways that can be done either in-person or online. These JOURNEYS cover eight-month programs that give participants time to connect, deepen their insights, and apply them immediately in practice.

All of this is done with the help of powerful instructional videos, thought-provoking articles, and transformational assignments. And the main ingredient? Peer learning.

this is how it works:





When you hear the word “Personal Leadership” it sounds a bit like the latest craze in leadership-lala-land, right? Like avocado toast and matching sweatpants.

But actually, personal leadership is the sort of category that is worthy of being a cliche. It’s an art actually. The art of being a boss of your own life, facing your fears and flaws head on. But you won’t get it for free.

UGURU helps you to relentlessly get all those strengths, weaknesses, convictions and biases in sight. You need to learn how to observe them from a distance.

UGURU YOU is a development program in which you embark on the courageous journey inward. You learn how to steer your own thoughts, manage your feelings and – if needed – adjust your behaviour.

Got that, you got it all: the compass and the joystick.

this is what you’ll be focusing on:

1. My Goal

Find out what you want to learn and set your goals.

2. My Roots

Discover how the past affects the present.

3. My Ego

Learn which effect you have on others.

4. My Game

Discover how to adjust your hard-wired patterns.

5. My Leap

Reap the insights, look to the future and dream big.


…in just 4 hours per month.





People are social creatures by nature. But why is collaboration so difficult?

Traditionally, we expect the leaders to have all the answers. But this is not how it works. If we want better collaboration and more connection throughout the organisation, everyone needs to take the wheel.

UGURU connects by teaching people how to have meaningful conversations. About goals, results, and dependencies. About understanding, safety, and even conflicts.

UGURU CONNECT is a development program focused on … connection. Together with your teammates, or with a mix from colleagues from different parts of the organisation. To better understand each other. Having the conversations we usually avoid. Identify the undercurrent. Bridge the gap.

All aimed at becoming a stronger organisation.

this is what you’ll be focusing on:

1. Look Forward

Find out what you guys have to learn.

2. Look Back

Discover how we all have our own user manuals.

3. Look Inside

Learn how you can sometimes get completely stuck in hassle.

4. Look Around

Find out how you can work together more effectively.

5. Look Beyond

Reap the insights, look to the future and dream big.


…in just 4 hours per month.




Fast-track development on specific issues?

UGURU SESSIONS are short sessions spanning one or two weeks, in which your organisation can tackle a specific topic. And if you want, you can choose multiple SESSIONS from a menu in order to create a tailor-made program.

SESSIONS last 2.5 hours, plus 1 hour of preparation for specific questions. Mix & Match. Want to make a bigger impact? Add another one.


our menu:

Culture Check

What do we think of our culture?

Group Dynamics

Understanding behavioural patterns.

Work-Life Balance

Back to your circle of influence.


The Inner Critic

From insecurity to reality.

Team Goals

All set for next year.

The Carrousel

Feedback giving ánd receiving.


What makes me tick?

Our Nature

A day in nature for team reflection.

My Culture

What is my point of view?

Back to the Future

Lessons from the past.


Points-of-view and qualities.

My Roots

Back to the kitchen table.