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What code did we actually crack?

Well, since you’re insisting, we’ll spill the beans.

Peer learning is one of the most impactful, sustainable – and scientifically proven – forms of development there is. You learn faster, more often, more easily and more safely. And it is the best antidote to learned helplessness: own your journey.

Action learning = less talk, more action. This method is proven to increase the transfer or training. And having courageous conversation with your key stakeholders, instead of walking around them with a bow. Think what would happen if everyone in the organisation started doing this!

Blended learning is the perfect mix of face-to-face and online education. You get the maximum amount of flexibility to complete the program on your terms. Our learning nudges are designed to keep you engaged in every step of the program. Plus, as you progress through the program, you’ll gather valuable data that will give you a better understanding of both yourself and your organisation.

So insight and a kick in the butt.

By combining these three elements with kick-ass evidence-based content, the UGURU formula was created. Each chapter from a JOURNEY or SESSION consists of four elements:

Introduction & Preparation

“The articles are super interesting and fit seamlessly with the theme and assignments of the chapters.”

This is the time to prepare for the chapter through an inspiring and well-founded article and a self/360º assessment.

Homegroup Session

“To our own surprise, the sessions ran like clockwork. It went completely naturally.”

In the session, you dive deep with your Homegroup. It’s a safe place to take a good look in the mirror and try out new behaviours.

Courageous Conversation

“Through the Courageous Conversations, I have had talks like I would never have had in a million years.”

A Courageous Conversation is the kind of dialogue that you know you should have, but keep putting off. Each chapter, you have one of these conversations with someone in your environment.

Walk & Talk

“The Walk & Talk was always the nicest moment of each chapter.”

Each chapter ends with a Walk & Talk, where you take a walk in nature with one of your “homies” – virtually or physically – and reflect together on the lessons from the chapter.




At UGURU, we understand how important real contact is. And how scarce our time is. That’s why our programmes are designed so that you can do sessions both physically and online. Whether your homies live a few streets away or in another country, with smart technology and a growing acceptance of online learning, you can do it wherever you want.

Moreover, to ensure our programmes are accessible to everyone, we offer them in both English and Dutch.